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Thank you for your purchase of 1,000 Researched "personal" domain names.


A list of 1,000 takes at least 30 hours to research & compile, as it is done one name at a time, manually and visually. 

You will receive an email within a few days of your purchase, letting you know the day and time of release.

There will be four emails sent throughout the day of release, each containing 250 of the domains. This will allow everyone a good chance at accessing the names no matter their time zone. 

About this "Personal Names" List

Every name on this list have been manually researched to be sure they are available as domain names, that there are many people by that exact name, and that there are good professional listings in LinkedIn. You'll find many of them are doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, psychologists, meteorologist, authors, photographers, therapists, and many others.

This list is being provided to only 30 people per 1,000 names.

Please do not 'hoard' all the names you like. There are an average of about 33 listings per person here, and this is a cooperative effort. Register a few today, a few tomorrow, and so on so everyone gets a chance at registering some over the next few weeks. Thank you.

Lastly, I make no promises as to whether or not these names will produce profits or sales for you. Based on my personal experience, I firmly believe if you price them at a "no-brainer" price (like $125), they will be very hard to resist and can generate many sales. But the bottom line depends on whether or not the people find the name for sale and choose to buy.

Here's the cool thing: Many of the names you register won't get sold at even $125. But you should be able to move enough of them to make it very profitable anyway. AND... the ones that don't sell over time should be very easy to sell at $20 or $30 just to get your investment back with a little bit of profit. In my opinion, it's very hard to lose at this strategy.

Understanding the above, you still should be very selective of the names you register. All of them have some potential, but if you take the time to dig into their LinkedIn profiles, you'll be able to see some huge potential in particular names and can have a better chance at making this very profitable.

In fact, some of the names could sell for four figures if you wanted to take the time to actively market them.

Tips and Insights on how to use this list

This list is a virtual goldmine. Please do NOT share it with anyone else. I'm providing this to you at about my cost, as a benefit of being an active NameSnagger member. And although it is wonderful to use the "hands off" sales approach I described in the group, imaging how much better you could do by simply reaching out to some of the names on the list.

The Global counts are the number of all search results in LinkedIn, putting the full name in quotation marks, like "john smith". The US counts are exactly that... the full name in quotation marks that are listed as US residents.

Don't foolishly assume the names with bigger numbers are better and go crazy registering them. In many cases, bigger numbers DON'T necessarily mean they're better! Many of the smaller numbers have much stronger prospects (doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, psychologists, meteorologist, authors, photographers, therapists, etc).

EXAMPLE: One of the results with ONLY 10 listings include these, who would all likely love to own their own name/domain:

  • Mental Health Therapist
  • Corporate Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle Coach
  • QuickPublish Formula, Full-service publisher
  • Principal & CEO, Breakthrough Leadership Group, LLC
  • CEO - Collaborative Empowerment Implementer & Muse
  • TEDx & Keynote Speaker

AGAIN, I want to stress that many of the BEST names are found in the lower numbers. Check LinkedIn profiles.

Although the US predominantly uses .COM as the most wanted domain type, many other countries love to use .COM as well even if that country has its own preferred domain type.

Some with the higher numbers may be partial names, like "Rodriguez Ramirez" may be in the list count because it's a part of "Johana Rodriguez Ramirez".

Keep in mind that because LinkedIn is a network of personal connections, the search results I see may very well be a bit different from what you may see.

It can be helpful to choose names that are not prone to different spelling variations.

It can be helpful to choose names that are more familiar types of names (like "peter walker" rather than "carnell vanvooren"). However, that is not always the case - you should check profiles to see which names actually have the stronger career path and would probably benefit from owning their own name as a domain.

I recommend you go to and do a search for the exact name you're considering to register, and always search the name within "quotation marks". Check the listings, and typically the ones who have taken the time to post a photo of themselves and a profile are your best prospects.

Domain Registrar to use: EPIK

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