How It Works

You will receive my “Name Snagger 50” list alerts several times a week via the email address you provided. If you want to change your email address, you may do so by accessing your profile.

What is Name Snagger 50?

Name Snagger lists are short lists of 50 domains with the highest *statistical* market value, on domains I compile from daily “Expired Domain” lists. The value is based on actual historical data from millions of past sales.

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What is an Expired Domain List?

The “Expired Domain” list is a daily list of close to 100,000 domain names that have become available to register once again. Yes, that’s around 100,000 domain names every single day!

The lists you will be receiving several times a week are the top 1% or so of the names extracted from these lists.

Name Snagger 50 lists contain only the domain names that have gone through a statistical process to determine which ones likely have a market value of $500 or more. Many have a value of over $1,000.

Does this mean these domains will sell for $500 or more? They may, but there are always many other factors involved. This is intended only to give focus to the names that statistical data shows have a reasonable chance of having that value.

The Human Factor

Statistics alone cannot predict what a domain name’s value is. It still requires research on your part to determine who may be good prospects for the domain name, and whether or not any particular prospect feels it has value to THEM. There are many “human factors” to consider.

Does this mean the other 99% of the domains on the daily expired domains list have no value?

No, in fact, I’m absolutely SURE many of them do, and many of them have values of many thousands of dollars. It’s just that the automated process is not always capable of recognizing factors that humans can spot. It is very much worth browsing the full list of 100,000 to find real gems you can download the FULL daily lists at

My Name Snagger 50 service includes only the names that have matched certain automated STATISTICAL data. It’s a GREAT place to start, and a great way to save a LOT of time. But statistics don’t understand the values placed on things by the human mind.

For example, the statistics for a domain like shows a value of $0.00. But somebody with the business name “Loundon Valley Roofing” would find that domain very valuable (at the time of this writing, that name is available even though there are several businesses by that name).

Expired Domains are just ONE source of discovering domains that are available to register. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg. But it’s a great place to conveniently discover hidden gems.

About The Domains on the Name Snagger 50 List

Each Name Snagger 50 list is roughly the top 1% of the names on the daily expired domains list that have been screened by statistical data to have a value of $500 or more (again, there are many other factors that come into play to generate an actual sale).

You will find many of the domains seem to not seem to make much sense but still made the list. Quite often, one of the statistics used is the search volume for the exact wording in the domain. Even if it’s an “ugly-looking” domain, it can have great value if it gets searched, has backlinks, gets real traffic, etc.

Hyphenated Domains

You will also notice many will contain a hyphen. I have always advised staying away from hyphenated domains because they are very difficult to flip. The exception, of course, is if the hyphenated domain has other things going for it, like search volume, traffic, backlinks or other attributes. For that reason, hyphenated domains are included in the Name Snagger 50 lists.

.COM Only

All Name Snagger 50 lists will contain only .COM domain names, as they are statistically proven to sell for the most money, and are much easier to sell/flip than other types.

How to Use Name Snagger 50 Lists

The best way to take advantage of these lists is to visually pick and choose the domains that you find the most appealing or maybe in a specific niche you’d like to pursue.

Knowing in advance that these names have statistical value, it makes it so much easier to find the domains that are appealing to you.

Follow Common Sense just as you would with registering any other domain name. Just because the domains appear on this list, it doesn’t mean they are automatically names you SHOULD register. You still need to be cautious about trademarks, bad history, etc.


Some of the domains on these lists may occasionally contain highly offensive words and topics. The lists are provided UNFILTERED, based on value statistics.



Check your email for your Name Snagger 50 lists. They are sent at least 3 times a week (often more). They will have [NameSnagger 50] in the subject line.


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