Watch Me Shatter ALL the Obstacles

so YOU Can Finally Have Real
Success in Domaining

Let me show you why I believe

It's Nearly Impossible to Fail

Here it Is:

What if I told you that I will give you access to one of my premium domain names that is realistically valued at $1,000, and will give you the OK to sell it for any price you'd like, and you keep ALL the profit for yourself?

Seriously, think about that.

If that one idea doesn't generate an enthusiastic response from you, you may as well quit reading right now.

After all, if you can't take any item appraised at $1,000 and find a way to sell it for even half that value, or even a tenth of that value, everything I'm about to say next will be meaningless to you.

But it's 500 times BETTER than that, because I am giving you access to over 500 of my premium domain names to sell at any price you wish.

Interested? Keep Reading.

Domain Flipping is Better Than Ever Right NOW

You probably already know domain flipping is hugely profitable when done right. You've heard the success stories.

I've proved that over and over again for the past 20+ years by helping complete beginners to flip $10 domains for hundreds, even thousands each.

But... they (and I) know stuff that you don't.

My name is Gene Pimentel and domaining has been my primary business for over 20 years. And I'm here to tell you that EVERY YEAR gets better and better in the domaining industry (if you understand how to tap into it).

I routinely flip $10 hand-registered domain names for $500 to $2,000, even $10,000 and $20,000 and more. But that takes experience, skill, and know-how.

The beauty of it is, I've developed a system where I can allow anyone to use my "experience, skill, and know-how" in order to bypass all the major hurdles and to become profitable very quickly.

On this very page, you will see how I can REMOVE all the Obstacles that cause most to aspiring domainers to fail.

The Reality Of Domaining

I've seen so many people "try" domaining and fail more often than I care to remember, and I hate seeing that happen.

But it doesn't have to be that way, and I'm going to prove it to you right now.

What I'm about to do will literally REMOVE the MAJOR Obstacles that so many people normally face in domaining.

Once these obstacles are removed, there's NO reason you can't replicate my success.

Now, we all know there is no such thing as guaranteed success in any business venture. But this comes as close as you'll ever get, because I will personally guide you every step of the way.

That's Right - I will Personally TEACH You - and all the obstacles that others face will be non-existent to you.

So, What Are the THREE Major Obstacles?

When someone decides to jump into the domaining business, it's always the same THREE Obstacles that kill their dreams of success.

Here are the THREE Major Obstacles that I have identified (and SHATTERED) for you:



The 3 Main Obstacles and My Solutions

What if there was a way to completely eliminate these 3 major obstacles right from the get-go?
Well that's what you have in front of you right now. I have 
SHATTERED these Obstacles for you.

Obstacle #1

Acquiring experience, skill, and knowledge takes time. A lot of time. That's assuming you try to do it on your own.

Experience, skill, and knowledge are VITAL for choosing the RIGHT highly marketable domain names that will always have lots of potential buyers.

The lack of skill and knowledge alone are by far the main reason people fail at domaining.

The Trap!

Most struggling inexperienced domainers fall into the trap of registering domains that "sound" great or domains they personally think are cool. More often than not, these domains will never sell, because they weren't selected using the "secret".

What's "The Secret"?

The secret is in knowing BEFORE you register domain names that there is a wide, hungry buyer pool for each specific domain. READ THAT AGAIN. It's VITAL.

Instead, these aspiring domainers end up registering a few, then a few dozen, then a hundred or hundreds of "wrong" domain names in hopes somebody will eventually buy them.

The Shock and Horror

When renewal time comes around and they realize almost none of their domains have sold, the shock and horror sets in.

Now they're STUCK with the decision to take a deep loss by letting the domains drop and having nothing to show for it, or re-investing to renew the domains for yet another year.

It's a painful, expensive lesson, and that's where most new domainers just quit the business.

 Solution #1: 


I personally research and select the best domains for you, based on my 16+ years of professional domaining.

KNOW how to pick the Domains that have the best chance of selling.

In fact I spend at least 2 hours every day researching to find dozens of perfect domain names to register.

This is the EXACT system I personally use on a daily basis and exactly what has allowed me to make an incredible living over the past 20+ years.

And I'm handing it all to you on a golden platter.

The premium domain names I discover and register on a daily basis are completely available to YOU to sell as your own, for any price you want to sell them for. I HOPE YOU'RE LISTENING.

This is pure gold.

I wish someone had made this available to me when I started out. It would have saved me a LOT of expensive trial & error.

Obstacle #2:


It gets awfully expensive and difficult to maintain a portfolio of several hundred, or several thousand domain names when you can't sell enough to even cover registration costs.

It's a fast-sinking ship, until you reach a point where you've gained enough experience to recover by registering the RIGHT domains.

It's Simple Math

Imagine having a portfolio of over 500 domain names. At $10 per registration, that would cost you around $5,000 in renewal fees every year you don't sell them. This is where the wheels fall off for most!

 Solution #2: 


This is Huge. Really HUGE!

Not only have I researched and carefully selected high value, highly marketable domains FOR you, but I also invest my own money on a daily basis to register these prime domains for your use so you don't have to risk your own money.

Like I said, HUGE!

In fact, I maintain a full, diverse portfolio of over 500 highly marketable domain names and continuously add to the portfolio on a daily basis as domains are sold.

That means that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you ALWAYS have a huge portfolio of highly marketable domains to sell (or use) as your own.


You do not have to bear the financial risk of registering and maintaining this portfolio...

I do it all FOR you.

Imagine how EASY it can be to generate huge profits by piggy-backing on MY experience and MY investment.

All the STRESS is removed!

You no longer have to worry about constantly renewing and investing in domain names. Just tap into the portfolio I maintain for you.

Obstacle #3:


Naturally, even after you've developed the skill to pick the right domain names and have invested in and built a sizable portfolio, it's all meaningless if you can't find buyers!

Learning to not only find potential buyers but also how to approach them and say the right things is an art in itself. And this is absolutely VITAL to your success.

 Solution #3: 


There are many methods and resources for finding potential buyers for domain names, and to help SOLVE this for you, I will teach you exactly Who, What, Where, When and Why.

You will have DIRECT access to me personally on a daily basis, through my group coaching in my private Facebook group.

I normally charge $37 per month for access to this coaching group, but I'm giving you full access at no extra charge.

In this group, you will have direct access to me ANY TIME. You may ask me ANY questions about domaining that you have, on any aspect of the business.

This is the BEST resource you'll ever have in learning how to find the right buyers for domain names.

I am there for you any time you have questions about anything related to domaining.

And Now the Crowning Glory...




Yes! Not only do I invest in everything for you and literally work several hours each day to identify and register the right domain names for you to sell as your own, I am providing you with your own, fully customizable Domain Portfolio website.

I'm super excited about this, as this will give you INSTANT credibility and professionalism right out of the gate.


YOU Get to Use My Half-Million-Dollar Portfolio As Your Own!

This is EXACTLY the same caliber of domain names I use for my own personal portfolio. In fact, this is a clone of my site that you can own and customize as you see fit.

Best of all, the portfolio of 500+ domain names included is AUTOMATICALLY updated on your site every single day to keep it current and fresh.

The combined Fair Market Value of the names in this portfolio is well over a half-million dollars.

(All domains shown are live and currently available!)

Take the Tour...

Your Own Half-Million-Dollar Portfolio


Don't read any further until you watch the video above to see how this all works... it's going to blow your mind.

Basically stated, you get full control over your own domain portfolio website featuring over 500 of my researched, carefully selected and registered domain names.

These are the VERY SAME caliber of domain names that I flip on a daily basis and have done so for 20+ years. The VERY SAME QUALITY and carefully applied criteria.

YOU get to sell any of these premium domain names for ANY price you wish. It's completely up to you! You can flip them for around the "fair market price" shown, like I do, or sell them much lower if you're still learning and haven't developed the confidence yet.

My break-even cost hovers around $25 per domain name, so all you need to do is reimburse me $25 for each domain name you sell or use for your own projects.


Let's say you sell any one of the domains for $2,000, $1,000, $500 or ANY price you feel like selling it for. Even $100 if you must.

You take full possession of the domain name by using the instant payment link in the member area to reimburse me just $25, which is my break-even cost (I show you the break-down of my cost in the Q & A section below).

1) Immediately upon receipt of your purchase, we move the domain name to your account at the domain registrar.

2) You then set the price you're selling it for, then give your customer the resulting "buy now" link. It's super easy.

3) You can have the registrar handle your customer's payment and fulfillment directly so you don't have to handle any of the transaction yourself. The registrar transfers the domain to your buyer for you, and sends you the total payment less their small escrow fee (currently as low as 5%) typically in 24 hours.


It's all done for you on the fly. You don't need to collect the payment yourself, you don't need to transfer the domain yourself, you don't need to do any hand-holding with your customer... the system DOES IT ALL FOR YOU.

If you're not completely ecstatic about how effortless and SIMPLE I've made it for you, I have nothing else to say.

It's a Domainer's Dream Come True.

It's very difficult to fail, because there is virtually no risk on your part, at all.

"So What's this going to cost me?" I hear you asking.

Well, I'm About to Shock You Again with the answer.

If you thought this would all have to cost thousands of dollars, I wouldn't blame you.

And that's because if you were to hire me by the hour to research & pick domains... and have me pay to register them for you all at MY risk and expense... the cost would in fact be astronomical.

But because you're tapping into my "Master Domain Portfolio" system, shared by many other members, your cost is unbelievably low.

For all the work and risk I take on for you, it would be very fair to charge $97 per month.

But my goal is to make this accessible to even beginners with no working capital, so I've decided to give access to everything for a small monthly fee of just $37.

That means you get to control a Half-Million Dollar Domain Portfolio for about $1.25 per day.

You will have IMMEDIATE access to all domain names in inventory, and can be in profit the same day if you wish.

It takes only one sale to cover a full year of access! The rest is GRAVY.

Jump on Boad Today and I'll see you Inside

Get the ORIGINAL Charter Price for the next few days.
* This special price is subject to be removed without notice.

One Time Setup of $247 $99

plus $37/month just $10/month for ongoing domain inventory management

HUGE BONUS: Get help directly from Gene personally any time, in his private coaching group on Facebook. Ask any questions you have about domaining! This alone is worth 10x the price of this package.

REFUND POLICY: Your purchase of Master Domain Portfolio requires our labor and time to set up and maintain for you, therefore all sales are final. There will be no refunds provided, however you will get exactly what is offered to you on this page and we will provide you with ongoing support.

Amazing BONUS: Full Access to Group Coaching!

Ask me anything and everything about domaining in my Facebook Group Coaching program, and I answer questions thoroughly on a daily basis. You're never alone!

Q & A

How Much Can I Sell These Domains For? ...

Any price you wish. I highly recommend a price close to the Fair Market Value shown, as these are realistic and typical for me based on over 20 years experience. But you are fee to sell at ANY price you choose. Need a quick hundred dollars? It's almost impossible to not be able to quickly flip any of these domain names at that price.


What is the "Fair Market Value" Shown? ...

The Fair Market Value is exactly that. Many years of real-world domaining experience goes into setting VERY fair pricing on each domain name presented. However, the price you actually sell a domain for depends on what you can agree on with your buyer.

Can I Add My Own Domain Names to the Portfolio Site? ...

Absolutely! You can add as many of your own domains as you'd like.


How Do I Get Paid? ...

If you use our recommended system, the domain registrar handles the transaction for you and you get paid by the registrar as soon as the buyer's payment clears (usually within 24 hours). However, you are free to use your own methods of payment if you prefer to work with the buyer personally.


How Do I Transfer the Domain to My Buyer? ...

That's done FOR you automatically by the registrar! Your buyer purchases the domain name through the registrar, they handle the payment and transfer the domain to your buyer. Easy peasy! Of course, you are free to handle this yourself if you prefer. 


Can I edit the site? ...

Absolutely. It is created with standard HTML and PHP. Just about any aspect of the website may be edited or modified.


Can I use these domain names for my own projects? ...

Of course. See a domain you want to use? Just grab it from the inventory and it's yours to use or sell as you wish.


Do I need web hosting? ...

You don't need to have a hosting account to buy and sell domains from our inventory, but if you wish to take advantage of the done-for-you portfolio website, it will need to be hosted. Web hosting is extremely inexpensive these days.


Do I need my own domain name for the portfolio website? ...

In order to install your portfolio website, yes, you will need your own domain name to install it on. You can register your own domain name for under $10 or use one of the domains in our inventory. 


Do I really get to ask you questions directly? ...

Yes indeed. In the group coaching program included with this package deal, you can interact with me in the group and ask any questions you have about domaining. I am very active in the group and answer questions thoroughly every day.


* Quick Explanation of my $25 break-even cost:

I've already invested over $10,000 in this portfolio that you get to tap into. There are well over 500 premium domains here.

Roughly speaking, over the course of a year, I expect about half of them to sell. That means I need to invest in registering 2 domain names for every one you end up taking.

That works out to be around $20 ($10 x 2) in registration fees for each domain name that eventually sells. Add $5 to cover transaction costs and a few other miscellaneous expenses and I arrive at about $25 to break even.

And that's not even considering the many hours I personally invest in researching and bringing the best domains into your portfolio.

Understand the AMAZING
Opportunity You Have Before You:

  • Every one of these premium domain names can be sold for any price you wish - and YOU keep ALL the profits, no matter how big or small.

  • You don't have to worry about choosing the right domain names - I do that for you.

  • You don't have to invest, maintain, or renew the domain names or take any of the risk - I do that for you.

  • You don't have to painstakingly figure out the price/value of each domain name - I do that for you.

  • You don't have to use your own payment processor or deal with collecting the customer payment - the system does it all for you.

  • You don't have to worry about the payment being legitimate - the system does it all for you.

  • You don't have to transfer the domain to your buyer - the system does it all for you.

  • You don't have to continuously maintain, add, delete, or manage all the domain names presented on your website - the system does it all for you.

ALL YOU DO is attract potential buyers,

and let the system do all of the rest FOR YOU!

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