Turn Your Domain Names to Gold

This 17-Module Expert Training is Perfect for Those Who Want to Know Exactly How the Domain Selling & Flipping Industry works, and How to Profit Big in the Industry. You’ll learn Many Closely Guarded Industry Secrets as taught by Domaining Professionals.

Modules Include:

  • Introduction
  • Domain Name Speculation for Mere Mortals
  • Beware Cybersquatters
  • Show Me the Money
  • Minimizing Risks Like a Boss
  • Building Your Perfect Portfolio
  • How to Determine What Your Domain Names Are Worth
  • Diversify for Stable Profits
  • How to Acquire Highly Marketable Domains Inexpensively
  • Hot Sources of Fantastic Domain Names
  • Mining Domain Gold From the Marketplace Mountains
  • Secrets of the Auction System
  • Narrowing Down the Choices
  • Three Step Buying Strategy
  • Multiply Your Profits With These Advanced Strategies
  • Selling Your Domains Like a Master Domainer
  • Wrapping It All Up

This Expert Training is yours for a small one-time payment of $97 $37