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Greetings, Friend,

You're seeing this because you were invited by me personally (Gene) to take advantage of this very limited offer.

Recently, I invested $3,700.00 in the ownership rights to Pat Flanagan's product launch training videos and content, and had my team develop the raw videos into a complete "Done For You" membership site with superb sales pages, copy, and many more components.

Who is Pat Flanagan?

Pat is one of the very best Product Launch Managers in the Internet Marketing universe. I personally have paid him many thousands of dollars to handle my own product launches for me (for each launch).

There is NOBODY better to learn from, and now you have full White Label rights to over 8.5 hours worth of his very detailed in-depth training.

Your UNRESTRICTED Rights Offer:

I am giving you the Unrestricted rights to this entire package for a mere $99 (normally $397). This offer will expire as soon I decide there are enough licenses granted.

"Unrestricted" means exactly that. You may do anything you'd like with all the materials provided!

  • "Can I sell this to anyone?" YES!
  • "Can I sell this for any price I want?" YES!
  • "Can I use the videos and content on my website?" YES!
  • "Can I give this away as a bonus for other products I sell?" YES!
  • "Can I change the content?" YES!
  • "Can I edit the videos any way I'd like?" YES!
  • "Can I sell resale rights?" YES!
  • "Can I sell Master Resale rights?" YES!
  • "Can I sell UNRESTRICTED Rights, like you're doing here?" YES!
  • "Can I... YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! 

That's what UNLIMITED means!

Retail Price:

The normal retail price of the course bundle itself is $97 (without any special rights), but as a UNRESTRICTED license owner, you may charge any price you see fit (Please see "Pricing" note below).

What's Included:

This White Label package includes ALL FIVE of Pat's stellar courses, which totals 8.5 hours of solid training.

This White Label deal includes the sales page you see here, which you are free to modify if you wish:

This White Label deal includes a full-blown membership area that takes LITERALLY 2 or 3 minutes to set up! All you do is upload a set of pre-made files (NO WordPress!). You can see a demo of the member area here: (use "demo" for both the username and password).


You will have a COMPLETE member area and sales page installed in just MINUTES. It really only requires that you upload a set of files to your hosting account. SUPER SIMPLE.

You'll be ready to start generating sales as SOON as you add your PayPal buy button and upload the files.


I am going to allow a handful of people to purchase these Unlimited Rights at this ridiculous price. This offer WILL most definitely be removed shortly.

VERY Rare Opportunity:

It isn't often you get to have such a Premium set of courses created by a true professional in the business. Pat Flanagan does product launches as his main business, and has many dozens of major product launches under his belt.

Don't let this rare opportunity pass you by. You will have a very Premium product to offer your customers that you can be super proud of.¤cy_code=USD

Get Your UNLIMITED License Now:

Your private price is only $99 for the entire package. This will end soon and will be offered at a much higher price, up to $397.00.


Yes, you may do ANYTHING you'd like with all the included materials!


As made clear, You may do ANYTHING you'd like with all the included materials. 

In order to avoid "devaluing" this premium product, I implore you to be considerate and use pricing in line with the value of the course when advertising publicly. HOWEVER, please feel free to offer ANY price you'd like to your own private list or customer base. You can even give it away for free (privately) if you'd like. But when selling publicly, I ask that you advertise at $47 to $97 for the full set of courses. This will keep it lucrative for all license holders.

THANK YOU for cooperating on this.

Your private price is only $99 (instead of $397) for unlimited rights to this entire package. This offer will be removed as soon as I have released a small number of copies. Due to the nature of this license offer, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

NOTE: If you previously purchased White Label Rights, contact me here for an upgrade price: