The Personal Name Project

Get the list (Round #6) of

1,000 Hand-Selected

"Personal Name" Domains.

  • Each name on the list is manually researched and chosen.
  • Every name on the list is a combination first name & last name, and is available as a domain name.
  • Every name on the list has many people by the exact same name who have professional profiles in LinkedIn. Many of the names have over a hundred people by that name, some even over a thousand.
  • There are also many that have far fewer than 100 people by that name but have strong profiles of professions that are in the public eye like doctors, lawyers, authors, photographers, contractors, software developers, business owners of every type, and lots of other professions.
  • All names will show the total number found in LinkedIn, as well as the total of US only.


1,000 Researched "Personal" Domain Names, each with Global and US counts and each name has professional LinkedIn profile. $30 buys entire list. Limited to 30 participants.

Due to the nature of this offer, All sales are final. No refunds. Thank you.

NOTE: There are NO guarantees you'll make any sales. I am simply providing you with a completely researched list from which you can choose names from to register. These are generally one of the easiest domain types to sell on autopilot. Usually, if you have to, you can EASILY get your money back on the ones that don't sell after many months by letting them go for a little more than the registration cost. Very hard to lose.