PASSIVE INCOME. Don’t you just love the sound of these words?

I will help you make that happen.

Me, and you. The Marketer’s Advantage ‘machine’ and your good looks. We’re gonna go far!

There’s nothing like seeing tons of payments hitting your PayPal account over and over again from hundreds of buyers, month after month, for something set up long ago.

SERIOUSLY. There’s nothing like it.


Marketer’s Advantage is not just another ‘program’. I’m dedicating most of my business time on growing this for the rest of my IM career.

One of my favorite quotes, which I have found to be absolutely true in practice, is:


“You can get everything in life you want if you will
just help enough other people get what they want.”

~ Zig Ziglar


What I am about to share with you will take that concept to its full capacity. You are my CORE associates because you took the initiative to trust me. I will reward you with an opportunity that nobody else will have.


The Back Story:

Having been marketing online full time since 1996, I do know what works. More importantly, I KNOW what doesn’t work.

Over all the years, there has always been one thing that bothers me the most. And that is – MOST people I see trying to make a fair income online are losing money faster than they’re earning it. They really try super hard to make things work, but just don’t ever break through. The reason for this is they get broadsided by the enormous amount of information and MISinformation.

They get derailed and change course every other day by the latest and greatest shiny object – most of which have a VERY short “shelf life”. This constant shifting of plans and distraction does nothing to help your business. It kills me to see so many struggle with earning a nice income online.

At this phase in my marketing career, I want to make a difference in people’s lives, especially those who can’t get the financial traction they deserve.

So over the past year, I spent a LOT of time figuring out exactly HOW I could create a scenario that would allow virtually anybody to piggy-back on MY success, with very minimal effort.

I have the knowledge, experience, and the tools. I also know that I am really good at creating “systems” that people can plug into, to take advantage of my knowledge and experience.


So let me say this plain and simple.

Making money online is absolutely SIMPLE. It can be broken down into just TWO simple things.

1) Find or create a product people want.

2) Make yourself the gateway between that product and those people.

That’s it. Everything else is just tactics and strategy.


My driving thought and business passion over the past year has been…

HOW can I create a system that would allow anyone to plug into MY success, and MY profits?

HOW can I boil everything down to ONE easy step, eliminating all the hard parts?

After many visits to the proverbial ‘drawing board’, to create, delete, rewrite, start over, generate lots of “what ifs”, sleeping with a notebook for thos middle of the night inspirations, I’m excited to say, I DO have a solid plan in place that will give YOU a strong advantage. Hence the name, Marketer’s Advantage.


Passive Residual Income Made Easy (P.R.I.M.E.)

So, let’s talk about “Passive Income”.

Passive Income is having the ability to perform one very simple action, to get lifetime recurring money.

Do the work ONCE (if you can even call it work), and get paid for life, month after month after month.

All you need is access to the “machine” that allows this to happen, and an ounce of motivation.


Think about the last movie you went to see, that you thoroughly enjoyed and told your friend about.

Think about the last restaurant you dined at that was so good, you raved about to your friend.


Now think about this.

What if that movie theater or that restaurant agreed to pay you EVERY time your friend purchased a movie ticket or bought a meal?

I’m talking about every time in the future, whether or not you EVER did anything more.

In other words, the friend you referred is associated with YOUR account forever, no matter what.

Nobody else can interfere, now, or ever.

Even if your friend went to the same theater or restaurant based on someone else’s recommendation, YOU, being the first to refer the friend, automatically receive the commission.


Every time.

It took you all of 30 seconds to share your experience with that friend, yet you will benefit for life.

This is the closest thing to truly PASSIVE income you can ever make. And no, I’m not describing network marketing or multi-level marketing. There is a time and place for that type of business, but not here.

What I’m talking about is a simple referral system.

What if you could simply say to a person, “hey check out this article”.

Or “hey, go download that great product for free”.

And the moment that person “checks it out”, or “downloads”, or whatever easy entry they choose, they become YOUR referral for life.



Not only for the thing you just sent them to check out, but for EVERY one of the hundreds of products they may purchase, now or in the future.

Do you understand the power of what I just described?

You’re not doing any selling. You simply make the connection by giving away something of value.


Then, you benefit for life, just for being the one who introduced the individual. You NEVER have to sell a darn thing. You NEVER have to set up sales pages.

You NEVER have to install anything, provide downloads, manage purchases, deal with customer service, build membership sites or squeeze pages.


ALL you do is a SIMPLE referral. That’s it.

That referral is now locked under your account for life. If that doesn’t spin your head around, listen to this. You earn 80% commission on virtually everything.


Yes, 80%.

If your referral buys an ebook next month for $7, 80% of the profit goes to you.

If your referral buys a $97 course this week, next month, next year, or years from now, 80% of the profit goes to you.

If your referral buys a $19.95 recurring subscription product now or any time in the future, 80% of the profit on ALL MONTHLY PAYMENTS goes to you.


I’m talking about QUALITY products with rave reviews and proven track records that are priced to sell quickly.

But you do NONE of the selling.

I do that FOR you.

I do the copywriting.

I build the salespages.

I handle the customer service.

I fulfill all orders.

And I pay you 80% commission.


All I want YOU to do is to share a simple link, for any one of our awesome giveaway products, tutorials, or free information offers.

What kind of products?

For starters, you are probably familiar with some of my current courses and products.
– ZonDiscountFinder

Comins Soon products:

– Fast Video Ranker
– Video Site Builder
– Daily Premium Theme
– Prime Cut Content
– Flippa Course
– Quality software
– High Quality Courses on all IM subjects
– Specific “How To” training
– The very best WordPress Themes
– Incredible WordPress Plugins
– Fantastic PLR (Private Label Rights) Products
– LOTS of products from other reputable vendors


There will be hundreds of high quality high converting products and services by myself and by other select vendors.

ALL of these time-tested, excellent selling products and memberships will bring you 80% commission, every time one of your referrals purchases.

REMEMBER – Your “referral” is anyone you brought into the system, whether through a freebie or plain old signup.


You DON’T have to get people to buy anything.

You will have your own custom link to refer people to the main website. You can choose to send people to ANY freebie or product or article on that website. No matter what action your referral takes, BOOM! They are your referral for life, for ALL products.


Let that sink in.


There will be products for all things related to Internet Marketing. Not just my domaining courses.

There will be other vendors coming on board to offer their great products that pay you 80% commission as well.


Your ONLY task is to point people to the website with your one simple custom link.

It’s SO stealth, your people will never even know you did anything but shared a great article, tutorial or freebie with them. They instantly become your referral for life. You could post a link to an article or a free download on FaceBook or other social media. There are many different ways to easily spread the word. As soon as someone picks up the free offer or purchases anything, they are hard-coded to your account for life.


Getting the picture?

You’ll want to be the FIRST to refer people you know or are connected with before others have the chance. While the same opportunity will be available on an ongoing basis, being among the very first to be able to refer others is a major benefit. Thousands of members will join Marketer’s Advantage this year. As a VIP charter member, I’m giving you “first dibs” at locking in your lifetime referrals.

Your job is to simply make the connection by sharing an awesome freebie.




People are HUNGRY for simple, effective systems that don’t require much time, effort or money. That’s where the Marketer’s Advantage P.R.I.M.E. Membership comes in.

When someone becomes a P.R.I.M.E. Member at $19.95 per month, they will also have the opportunity to share and earn 80% commission on all products and memberships purchased by their referrals (all customers and members). Once a P.R.I.M.E. Member achieves $1,000 in overall commissions, the commission rate from that point on changes to 50%. Because my goal is to get members into profit as quickly as possible, I provide 80% commissions until they’ve earned at least $1,000. The leveling off at 50% after that point is necessary, as there are a lot of costs, labor, and overhead in providing a “machine” like Marketer’s Advantage. This ensures longevity for all involved.


80% commissions are also paid on all P.R.I.M.E. Memberships.

(NOTE: As a VIP beta-tester, you are already a FULL P.R.I.M.E. Member at no charge. Once you’ve profited at least $1,000, then, and only then will you need to become a paid member to continue).



You share free tutorials, articles, freebies with as many people as you can. This can easily be done by sharing on FaceBook, Twitter, any social media, your list IF you happen to have one, and any other creative way you can think of. I’ll be giving you lots of tools to help with all that.

– You’ll easily attract hundreds of referrals over time. All these referrals will be exposed to the advantages of becoming a P.R.I.M.E. Member. When they do, you’ll earn 80% of the $19.95 membership, month after month, as well as on any of the hundreds of other products they can buy.

– You’ll be building a mailing list, automatically, with zero additional effort. All your Marketer’s Advantage referrals will be provided to you, so you may import them into any mailing service.

– As one must be a P.R.I.M.E. Member in order to earn 80% commissions, most will remain for years to come, because they won’t want to sacrifice future commissions on all their lifetime referrals. That gives you very long term passive income.


Marketer’s Advantage Does the Selling FOR you!

Here’s the cool part… Marketer’s Advantage will send email at least once a week on your behalf.

The email will be a very enticing product offer, sale, discount code, whatever it takes to create the best conversions.

All sales from these mailings to your referrals are 80% commission in your pocket.

Week after week my goal is to generate sales FOR you. Totally passive 80% commissions for you.


Get excited about that!



Other Highlights:

  • There will be a dozen or more high-caliber products on opening day (early December) and a hundred or more over the following months. ALL 80% commissionable to you.
  • I will bring in many products from other well-respected vendors and product creators, which will also bring you 80% commissions.
  • You will have access to MANY quality free offers to allow you to EASILY bring in other people, who will be hard-coded to your account for life.
  • You will be able to link to any specific product, article, or free download on the Marketer’s Advantage website and receive full credit now and in the future.
  • Your referrals are hard-coded into the system and database itself, so it makes no difference if cookies are deleted or they click on someone else’s link… they will still remain yours for life.
  • Anyone may cancel at any time, by simply going to the special “cancel membership” page. It’s really easy. I don’t want someone in the program if they don’t want to be there. So I make really simple for them to cancel. But even if someone does cancel, they are still hard-coded in the system so if they re-join in the future, they are still attached to your account, even if they were attracted by someone else.
  • Many of your referrals will not become P.R.I.M.E. Members, but they will simply be customers who buy our products.

Everyone you ever refer to Marketer’s Advantage is yours for life, whether they’re a customer or a paid member.



– You don’t need to write or produce any content
– You don’t need to create any courses to be given away
– You don’t need to create any products to sell
– You don’t need to write any sales letters
– You don’t need to pay for hosting or an auto-responder
– You don’t need to send emails at all
– You don’t need to provide any customer service or follow up
– You don’t need to research for what products or affiliate programs to promote
– You don’t even need to know anything about internet marketing!
– We provide full support for your customers
– We update all products as needed
– We host all salespages and download pages



All you do is share one simple link. PERIOD.


You can literally spend just a couple minutes a day to do this.

Marketer’s Advantage is Designed to be EASY, and profitable for the very long term.



Most of your referrals who become paid members will likely be paid members pretty much forever.


Because once they refer others who become their referrals for life, they would be foolish to sacrifice any commissions that result. And the reality is, it is likely many of their referrals will become paid members over time, bringing them lots of passive income.



A P.R.I.M.E. Member who shares a free tutorial on domaining, and attracts a new “Master Domaining” subscriber as a result, will receive 80% of the $37 monthly subscription cost.

That means JUST ONE customer more than pays for that member’s P.R.I.M.E. Membership. ONE customer.


Private FaceBook Group:

I’ll soon be setting up a Marketer’s Advantage FaceBook group, where we can discuss everything and you can ask questions.

Please do not send me questions about all of this via private message, email or the help desk. You can ask all the questions you want in the FaceBook group, which I will make available shortly.



There is so much more coming your way that I haven’t even hinted at yet. Fantastic perks that alone will far surpass your small mentorship payment.

And don’t forget, I am committed to working with you to get you to $1,000 profit, no matter how long (or short) it takes.


More coming tomorrow!

Yours for success,

Gene Pimentel