Local Domain Flips TESTING Program


I am putting together a new local domain campaign system, and I need a handful of people to work with me to put it to the test. I am strictly limiting this, as I just need enough people for testing purposes. I will post a “CLOSED” message below when there are enough. Then, if all goes well, I will offer the system as a product in a few months.

What It Is:

The system should allow you to quickly flip local domains with very little effort. The profit on each will be small, but can be repeated any time with other local domains.

What’s In It For You:

  • I will give you one of my premium local domain names (valued MUCH higher than what you’ll sell it for).
  • I will create a special customized landing page to help you sell this domain name.
  • I will create a custom video to use on the landing page to help sell this domain name.
  • I will research and provide a list of good local prospects for this domain name.
  • I will give you the exact email copy to use to contact prospects.
  • You will not have to negotiate or deal with the prospects. Just send a simple outbound email, and the rest is automated. There will be follow-up emails to send until the domain is sold.

The domain will be budget-priced at around $100 for a quick easy sale, and you can rinse and repeat with as many other local domains as you wish.

I cannot guarantee you will sell the chosen domain name, because the fact is, not all domains sell. Many don’t. And, this has not been tested (that’s why you’re here). But I will provide you with this system that can be used to help sell any local domain name. And, I will be available to help you continue using the system.

I’m asking for $50 to get this rolling. That way you have some skin in the game and I won’t be wasting my time.

The domain I’ll be giving you from my personal inventory is worth far more, let alone all the other things mentioned above. So even if everything goes wrong, you should at least be able to recoup your small investment.

And, if after putting this to a fair test your domain doesn’t sell, I’ll help you register a new domain to run through the system.

NOTE: I provide you with one of my premium local domains at no extra charge, but you will need to have it transferred to your own account which will cost you an additional year of registration (around $10 or less in most cases).

If you’re in, use this link to purchase.


[sorry, closed for now]

(no refunds on this offer)

Remember, this is not yet a complete ready-made system, as we will work together to make it happen. I am offering this now to assemble the team of testers, but please be patient and allow time for this to develop over several weeks.