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Group Coaching

If you’re a monthly paid subscriber, you get full access to my group coaching. This is where you are able to ask me questions any time you’d like, and I’ll personally do what I can to assist you and guide you as you build your domaining business. You can interact with me directly as well as all other members and ...

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Lesson 86 – Member Questions Answered (Part 2)

Resources Mentioned: WP Central Hub TRANSCRIPT: In this session I’ll answer some more of the most frequently asked questions from members. Question: I’d love to know where to find good domain names. Where can I find them? Question: Do you plan on covering a way to obtain 1 to 3 word generic domain names (preferably with the .com ...

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Lesson 85 – Member Questions Answered (Part 1)

TRANSCRIPT: This first question is a long, complex question, so it’ll be the topic of this entire session. “One of the things I find hard is when I do send out an email promoting a domain and do get some response, the obvious first question is how much do I want for it”… Obviously I want the most possible but ...

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Lesson 84 – Generating Passive Income With Your Domains

TRANSCRIPT: One of the goals I recommend you set for yourself when it comes to domaining, is to establish “passive” income streams. By passive, I don’t mean there is no work involved. I don’t mean it’s completely hands-off. What I’m talking about is setting up systems that require very little input from you, but produce an ongoing residual income. This ...

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Lesson 83 – Take a Shot at That Dream Domain Name

Resources Mentioned: TRANSCRIPT: There are many sources from which you can research and find fantastic domain names, but of course, more often than not, they’re already registered. That’s why expired domain lists are so popular among domainers… the lists are always plentiful and there is always an abundance of great domain names that can be pulled out of them. ...

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