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Lesson 20 – Panning for Gold in Expired Domain Lists (part 2)

Resources Mentioned: TRANSCRIPT: In the last session, I showed you how to find the daily expiring domains list from In this session, I will give you 4 more places where you can get even more extensive expired and expiring domain lists, as well as auction lists. I’ll also show you a fantastic piece of ...

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Lesson 19 – Panning for Gold in Expired Domain Lists (part 1)

Resources Mentioned: TRANSCRIPT: One of the most important resources for domain flippers, is the never ending supply of expired domains. Did you know that close to 100,000 domain names expire every single day? It’s true! And it’s exciting. Among those 100,000 domains, you’ll ALWAYS be able to find many very marketable domain names. In fact you’ll often find domains ...

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