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Lesson 33 – Contacting Potential Buyers (part 5)

  TRANSCRIPT: Let’s talk about subject lines. If you recall, I explained in a previous session that the subject line of your email is CRITICAL. Without an effective subject line, the rest of your email won’t matter because it may never be opened and read. The most important aspect of your subject line, is it MUST create curiosity. That’s what ...

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Lesson 32 – Contacting Potential Buyers (part 4)

  Resources Mentioned:   TRANSCRIPT: Here are 7 tips for email campaign success. Tip 1: When you send out emails, it’s a very good idea to check the time zone of the recipient. Time it so the email gets to the end user at an appropriate time. I like to get it to them between late morning and lunch ...

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Lesson 31 – Contacting Potential Buyers (part 3)

  Resources Mentioned: CAN-SPAM Act TRANSCRIPT: Let’s analyze the parts of the example email. Here is the example email I shared in a previous training session. Below the email I will break down the parts of significance. PLEASE remember this. This is just ONE single email example, NOT intended for you to copy/paste. It is the structure I want you ...

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Lesson 30 – Contacting Potential Buyers (part 2)

  Resources Mentioned: CAN-SPAM   TRANSCRIPT: One of the questions I’m often asked about sending emails to prospective buyers, is, “Isn’t this spamming?” The answer to that questions is – absolutely NOT, as long as you follow the laws set forth by the CANSPAM act (if you’re in the US). If you’re in a ...

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